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Plattform is a purpose-driven company formed to incubate empowering ideas that create access. At Plattform LLC, we provide talent, strategy, and other back-end support to our existing subsidiary companies (Micheals Desserts, Comicfficial, Meaningful Work Co., Eden Life Communities, and SpiritSoulArt), develop new business opportunities and share our learnings, skills, and tools with new and established social entrepreneurial talent creating art, media, products, services and community experiences across all major platforms. With Plattform's reach, expertise, and resources, leveraging the Platt Family's deep experience in culture and media, we are poised to be a global leader in the worldwide marketplace as a brand incubator, community developer, and a multiplatform content creator- from short and mid-form digital content to streaming platforms, traditional television and motion pictures.



Major Cable & Streaming Networks

Kids Baking Championship

Be Our Chef

Operation Awesome



Family purpose,sharing a Plattform

A desserts company making life sweeter with food advocacy. Supporting PLLATE.

As seen on Disney Plus; food, culture, and personalities. A seasonings company bringing families and friends together around the table. Supporting food emergency banks and after school programs.

Online retail where your purchase power partners with entrepreneurs and creates change. Supporting The Leadership Vault.

coming soon

Online retail for women who want a productive faith. Supporting My Launch Deep Jewel Pads.

coming soon

A Glance This Way

Online community for women creating room for their abundant life and purpose. Supporting My Launch Deep Jewel Pads.

Online community and resources inspiring leaders to inspire others to do their meaningful work. Supporting My Launch Deep Jewel Pads.

An invite social club for gatherings and community initiatives curated through faith based small groups.

Incubator for social entrepreneurship and team leadership development. Supporting lower income citizens with scholarships around the world.

Full service collective, incubator, and creative agency for art activist. Supporting the arts for youth.

Multi-media creative agency supporting the arts for youth.

Podcast Network

Coming Soon

At Plattform Radio, come to watch & listen to fun and inspiring podcasts. Our shows share 'Thoughts on life. Inspired by purpose.' Anywhere you take in podcasts on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube!

Publishing, Membership, & Streaming Platform

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"From the moment I was first exposed to The Plattform, I as blown away! They have a wide range of lifestyle offerings that weave together so well. I'm excited to witness the impact they have on the world"

Natalie H.

"I really appreciate their awesome selection of food, gatherings, and their content; its second to none."

Matt B.


At Plattform, our community of brands, leaders, and artists always are creating change.

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